Usage and Privacy : publish freely, take full responsibility!

Sokika is global internet platform that allows individuals and organizations to publish anything in the category of their choice. Sokika is seeking from Chadian newscast regulations authority the status of online newspaper to publish news. News will be published by professional journalists under the supervision of a professional news editor. Sokika is fully responsible for news published by his reporters.

Business entities, non-profit organizations and the government can publish their business profiles under Directories section. They can publish job announcements in Jobs section. They can public contracts under Contracts section. They can publish merchandise to sell under Shopping section. They are fully responsible for the content of their publication.

Sokika does not perform manual verification of the publications. There is a Report button that anyone can use to report illegal publications. When reported, Sokika will review and remove the publication if needed. This implies that only legal posts are allowed, and posters will be fully responsible for the content they post. Professional news articles are marked with red Jedi symbols in the title.

Sokika cares about your privacy.

Sokika captures users’ locations during posts using geolocation. Sokika offers to users the opportunity to voluntarily provide their names, birthday, gender, marital status, phone number, education, profession, language and email. Sokika uses geolocation data for the sole purpose of showing posts per location. Other personal information is used for internal articles’ suggestions and to contact users for activities they subscribed to.

Notifications can be turned off at any time by the user. Personal data can be updated or deleted anytime by the user owner. Sokika does not share phone numbers and other personal data with third parties. Sokika work hard to keep user’s personal data safe. A notification will be sent to all users if there is a breach.

Please contact us with questions at or at +1 425 524 8947.

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